Thursday, August 30, 2007

Red Scarf Project

Oops, a new project jumps to the head of the line. It's time for the 2008 Red Scarf Project. Scarves are due between September 1 and October 15. I thought I had time, but the due date moved up this year.

The Shabby Sheep has offered to send your scarf if it's done by October 1. I'm always looking for an excuse to drop by the Shabby Sheep.

I have a single skein of silky wool. Well, it's not a skein anymore. I knit it into fingerless gloves last year, but that didn't work out, so I'm going to frog them. I did like the stitch though, so I'm planning to use the Mistake Rib pattern for the scarf.

I will cast on over this long weekend.

In other knitting news, one of Marshall's clogs is finished. And the two soles for the second are done. I'm getting close, and he's getting excited.

Last night I worked on my Mad Weave socks. I think I have one to the toe. I think I have three repeats to get the other to the toe. It is taking forever to finish these socks. It's not the pattern, it's me. I move so many things ahead of them, they keep getting pushed to the bottom of my knitting bag. I'm ready for them to be done.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Trying Something New on Marshall's Clogs

This is only the 11th time (Mom, Dad, Juana, Josey, Jeannie, John, Robyn, me, Josh and Daniel) I've made a pair of felted clogs. I love giving them as gifts, I think they are so nice, but after the 11th pair, well. So this time I decided to see what I could do to mix it up a bit or maybe speed it up a bit.
I decided to knit two soles at once on one pair of needles. I think it actually made it go faster. I finished 5 rows on each sole at knitting Tuesday night. Tonight I finished rows 6 and 7 and both soles are done. These soles will rest while I knit the second set and then go on with the top. I will not attempt to knit two tops at the same time. Maybe on the next pair.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Decorating Cents

I told just a wee bit of a fib when I said I didn't have anything to blog about on Saturday. Actually I was in the middle of decorating our bedroom. In the morning, I painted the walls a dreamy, creamy cocoa color. The picture makes the walls look pink, but trust me they are a wonderful warm brown that pops the white in the sheers and on the trim.

Then I decided I needed window treatments. And I didn't want to have to go to the store. As luck would have it, while I was looking for the long handle for the paint roller, I found a roll of fabric I'd had for years...years. I guess that started the flow and the by time I was done painting I'd decided no matter what happened that fabric was becoming my window treatment. I rolled the fabric out and found only two of the motifs I needed, then I remember another stash. Lo and behold I had the perfect remnant. Some sewing, a trip to Home Depot on Sunday after church for three 1 x 4's, a Makita drill and some serious determination and I had fabulous window treatments.
Now I just need to get rid of that hideous roller blind with the wall paper trim.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Awww! Awww! Awwwwww!

My friend Andi had a rating scale for all things cute. The number of awwws indicated it's cuteness. Three was generally the max.

I think these are so darn cute. Aww, aww, awwwwww

I used Lucie Sinkler's Mary Jane pattern for these booties. The yarn is Ornaghi Filati Praemium. I bought the yarn at Passionknits on sale a year or so ago, so it's a stash busting project. And they took only a couple of hours last Sunday to knit. The delay in posting them was finding and attaching buttons. I looked at the tiny pink hearts, but the pearl buttons keep the booties neutral so they'll go with anything.

I made the kimono sweater for Madeline's baby, she hinted that Nate never got to wear it because he grew too fast. I guess that's a chance you take. Perhaps it will be booties for work friends from now on.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Time to Check Progress

I haven't done it in while so I'm assessing where I stand with my knitting goals - mostly because I don't have anything else to blog about.

I finished two of my goals the golf club covers and the Greensburg Squares. I'm downgrading the hats so that leaves two pairs of socks and a pair clogs for the rest of the summer.

As it's written, I want to finish one pair of socks, start another pair and work on Marshall's clogs.

However, I've been itching to do lace and I have quite a bit in the que. It may be I move the lace up and push the Loden CTH down a little. We'll see how I feel when I finish Mad Weave.

Summer Goals:

  1. Finish Mad Weave Socks - doable - I'm 2 or 3 repeats from the toe on both socks. I could be done in a week.
  2. Finish three more hats - I destashed the charity hat yarn by giving it to my sister, but then...Adrianne gave me hers. I guess the goal stays, but I'm moving to the rest of the year section.
  3. Finish three Greensburg squares - DONE - Yea!
  4. Finish - golf club covers for Jeff - DONE - Yea!
  5. Knit Marshall's clogs - I'll probably work on my socks first.
  6. Cast on (at least) socks using Loden CTH - I have several leaf motif patterns to choose from.

Rest of the year goals:

  1. Cinder's Fairy Godmother beaded scarf - should be a quick, fun knit just need to make the time.
  2. Cast on and enjoy knitting linen beaded shawl.
  3. Knit a few more hats - they are for a good cause.
  4. Knit the loksins sock pattern probably with co-op sock yarn.
  5. Knit at least 15 minutes a day, not because there is pressure to knit, but because I'm worth it. This may mean keeping a project in the bathroom, but hey, that is "my" time. Was that sharing too much?
  6. Spend less time on the computer talking about knitting and more time knitting.
  7. Really, stop buying yarn. I don't need another thing.

I've given up on not buying yarn. I enjoy it so why fight it. The SOWs are having a dyeing weekend at Heritage Arts in September. While I'm tempted to dye lots of sock yarn, I should consider other types of yarn. You know, so I can make other stuff.

As for knitting 15 minutes a day, no, but I am spending less time on the computer and more time knitting, hence all the finished projects.

Monday, August 13, 2007

It Was a Two Project Weekend

Well, I did not work on mutiple projects as I had planned, but I did finish two projects. I cast-on the second golf club cover on Friday night and finished knitting it on Saturday night. Tonight I finished and attached the pom poms. I think they look great.
And then on Sunday I knit a pair baby booties. They are so cute. I would post a picture, but I left them at work. Actually, they aren't finished until I attach the buttons. The shower isn't until 8/22 so I have a little time. They are very sweet.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

And Then There Were Two

OK, so the best laid plans get mislaid. I was going to give each of my projects time yesterday. Yeah, that didn't happen. I did get a skein of yarn dyed - hate it. Then I came in picked up the golf club cover to give it a few turns and realized it was going quickly and I could finish it. And I did and I knit the top of it twice. This one went much faster than the big one. I cast on the 4 cover on Friday night and finished it Saturday night. I knit on it about 4 hours. Not bad.

Here are the details:
Cast on 24, k2p2 for 12" (here's the part I had to reknit. It came out too small the first time.) K a round. Using the K2 sections as a guide I increased 6 times by knitting into the front and the back of the stitch - 30 stitches. K2 rows navy, 2 rows cream, 1 row navy, 2 rows cream, 1 row navy, 2 rows cream, 1 row navy, 2 rows cream, 1 row navy and start decreasing. I decreased the stitches I increase. K1 K2T, K3, K2T...
K a round
K2T, K2, K2T
K a round
K2T, K1, K2T...
By then you should have 6 stitches left. I ran the yarn through the stitches, pulled it tight, took the yarn to the inside, wove in the end and I was done.

I recognized that my gauge was much tighter than the sample, but for the k2p2 section it stretched as wide as the sample so I didn't stress. I did change up a needle size for the top. That still wasn't enough so I went back and increased the number of stitches and still knit on the 7 needle. I'm just hoping it's big enough. I'll have him try it on before I affix the pom pom. And I still have to make the smaller pom pom.

Jeff is excited about his covers. I mentioned it to Chip and he thinks they're ugly. I guess you just can't tell what people are going to like.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

What's in Store for Today

First, check out that pom pom. The one on the left. It's huge. It measure 5" across and weighs 90gms. That's almost a whole skein of bulky yarn. It took about an hour to make, but I was feeling my way through the process. The next one won't take as long. When I have chance to photograph the process, I will share.

Now for today. DH is as the deer lease. Presumably prepping for the fall hunting season. Uh, it's hot. I bet they are drinking beer and male-bonding. I say, "Have a great time." I planned to paint today, but various things got in the way. Not the least of which is Baby Girl got spayed yesterday and she needs to rest. If I'm up moving around so is she. She looks at me as if to say, "Will you sit down so I can rest?" Knowing that , I decided it wasn't a good weekend to be active. And it's a good excuse to knit.

I plan to give several projects knitting time today. I think I'll knit on each of my Mad Weave socks, I'll give the second golf club cover a turn, I'm going to dye some yarn for Baby Girl's Christmas Stocking. And there's a baby shower for a girl at work on August 22, she's going to get a pair of baby booties from stash yarn. I've decided to make the booties from the cream yarn that didn't jump into my sisters bag last weekend.

That's it and for me that's a lot. To have so many projects going at one time in unheard of. I'm also considering starting DH felted clogs. But I may wait until the baby booties are done.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

My Family Was Here

My family was here this weekend. There was swimming, eating and some yarn porn.

I ordered some KP Shine and KP Cotlin for my sister's birthday. It came Saturday while she was here. I opened the package and revealed each skein with a flourish. Where I tend to neutral, comforting colors, Jeannie describes her taste as "french-whore." She got loud pinks, purples, yellows and green. She loves them. She particularly asked for the Cotlin, but started knitting the Shine.

Jeannie also prefers small projects she can finish quickly. Hats, scarves and miniature stockings, sweaters and mittens. What we each like to knit is very dissimilar, but we both like nice yarn. I had several bits and pieces I was saving for no particular reason so I destashed (what a feeling) and she scored.

She got one ball of dark den-m-nit and the two tidbits of the light and natural. Jeannie likes making hats. I would have knit a hat just to use up the yarn. So it works out nice for both of us.

I think she got both skeins of the green. Again for a hat. That's what I would have done, but again, just to use up the yarn and she enjoys it. I'm not sure, but I think I still have the natural. I don't know why. I think it just didn't jump in the bag. It should have.

She also got several pieces of leftover sock yarn. Just enough for her cute stockings and mini-hats and mittens. It was too much yarn to throw away, but the perfect amount to give to my sis.

A total bonus all the way around.

It was a great visit. My hubby is an awesome host and Justyne, my niece totally made him feel good by asking him to cook breakfast this morning. She said she likes whatever he cooks. It made him feel so good.

The girls swam for about 9 hours yesterday. They should fall asleep on the car ride home. Which will be nice for Mom and Jeannie.

Dad and Jus took the truck. Just not enough room for everyone in one car.

Baby Girl is napping now too. She is worn out. All this excitement just did her in.

Friday, August 03, 2007

One Golf Club Cover

I don't want to dwell too long on the bridge thing. Luckily I really don't have a story to tell - about that.

I do have a story about golf club covers. I cast on about 2 weeks ago. Since I don't knit everyday, it takes time for me to finish projects. When I travel I get knitting time on steroids, so I finished one of the golf club covers.

It wasn't really finished in this picture, but now the ends are woven in and it's ready for the pom pom, it's crowning glory.

My sister (and two nieces and mom and dad) is coming this weekend. We're going to see about making a giant pom pom. I plan to use 50gms of yarn per pom.

This is actually my pattern. I made it up as I went along. Of course, it's really just putting together things you already know, cast-on, K2P2, changing colors and decreasing. It's sort of like a long sock with no heel and a hat on top.

I forwarded the picture to the recipient, he apparently forwarded it to his girlfriend who emailed me and offered to help me market the covers.

I think if I were to sell them, it would be on a very small scale. They would be very exclusive. Just enough to support my yarn habit. I knit these on Denise needles. Love the flexibility of having the needles, but if I was going to do this with regularity, I would need some addi's.

Loosely cast on 40 stitches, K2P2 for 12", then knit stockinette for 10 rows, two rows of natural (with the jogless jog) knit 4 more rows navy, then each row went K8 K2T, knit a round, K7 K2T, K6 K2T, K5, K2T and so on until there were 8 stitches on the needles. Cut the yarn pulled it through the stitches, wove in the ends - wa-la.

I used WotA Bulky from KnitPicks. I have a super dense fabric because I used size 6 needles. It's crazy I know, but I like how it looks.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

I Had Been on That Bridge

I landed in Minneapolis for a presscheck yesterday. Mapquest took me to Roseville via I-35W.

I was surfing channels in my hotel room when I caught the news a bridge had collapsed. It was surreal to realize I had just come from that direction. I went down to the front desk just to be sure and they confirmed that yes, I had crossed that bridge.

I remember getting on I-35W about the time Chuck called. I checked my phone and he called at 5:47pm. The bridge collapsed at 6:05pm. It is frightening to me how close I came to being there.

It is only by the grace of God that I wasn't.