Saturday, March 27, 2010

Shirley's Magic Yarn Ball

I found a unique swap on Ravelry that I thought looked like great fun. It was disappointing to see they just started a swap and another isn't in the works.

I mentioned it at knitting two weeks ago and Shirley said she would Magic Yarn Ball swap with me. We set a limit of $15 for the goodies and the yarn is from our stash.
Here's my loot for Shirley. What fun to shop sales, use coupons and shop unique stores to find really great things within budget for a friend.

  • The star of the ball, of course, is the yarn - Brooks Farm Solo Silk
  • Stitch markers both bought and hand-made
  • clear lip-gloss
  • journal
  • pen
  • stickie notes
  • Chibi with needles
  • a re-useable tote for your keyring (so cool)
  • candy
  • a candle
  • a ring
I'm pretty proud of the hand-made stitch markers. Looks like there are seven. Quite a variety with a ring size for sweater size needles.

Can't wait to get the ball wrapped to see how crazy it looks.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Vacation Knitting

I have some vacation time coming up. I love to plan more than I love to do and I love lists, so I've been thinking about what knitting to do over my three day break from reality.

Option 1 - No Crap Yarn Knitting
  1. Continue working on MOM's Orchid Emperor in the hopes I can finish it for Mother's Day.
  2. Knit on Saroyan, by that point it should be about done.
  3. Cast on Brighton bag for a lovely summer purse.

Option 2 - Baby Gift Knitting
  1. Cast on and knit a baby hat or bonnet for Ava and likely finish it.
  2. Continue with Ava's red socks hopefully finish
  3. Cast on and knit a pair of pink socks.
Option 3 - A Mix of Both
  1. Continue working on MOM's Orchid Emperor
  2. Cast on the Brighton Bag - or maybe just string the beads
  3. Cast on a baby hat or bonnet for Ava
  4. Cast on pink socks for Ava
  5. Finish working on the red socks.
One keeps me on track my "No Crap Yarn" knitting goal. Two will produce the most finished objects. Three gets the most projects cast on for ongoing knitting.

The DFW Fiber Fest is the following week. I'd love to somehow challenge myself and have the reward be yarn at the show. Guess I need to think about that.