Saturday, October 20, 2007

Arrrgh, What Happen There?

There's a mistake. I hate that. I can see it. I know it's there and now I'm trying to decide what I want to do. One part of me says let it go, but the other side of me says fix it.

The difference between lace and socks is people get up and close and personal with lace. Knitters and non-knitters alike hold lace in their hands and study it. In fact, I asked DH to see if he could find the mistake and in about 10 seconds he spotted it. Actually that settles it for me. It must be fixed.

Dang that 7:20am flight. I'm going to frog back 5". Dang it. Good thing I'm enjoying knitting this pattern.
I'm also enjoying "I Love Gansey." Here's my short row heel with the pattern eased in. I'm pleased with how it's coming together.

Here's the top. The fit is good. I'm about to start the fun part around the top.

The weather is cooling off in TX. I wore my Mad Weave socks for the first time this week. Love, love the pattern. The socks are a great fit. And they were really fun to knit.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Lots to Catch Up On

As a result of plane knitting time, I've made serious progress on my Christmas socks. I've turned the heel (love, love, love the short row heel) on both socks and I'm ready to settle in and truly enjoy the full pattern. Since I'm doing the socks toe up, up to this point, I've only knit a portion of the pattern.

I got a little tricky on the heels. I eased into the pattern as I picked up the wraps. Although the heels don't look the same (they are fraternal twins), I'm happy with the result and the lesson learned.

The vine lace shawl has doubled in size. Which isn't really saying that much, but it is bigger. I took it on the third plane trip and tried to knit lace on a 7:20am flight. What the heck was I thinking? I knit and ripped the same three rows three times. At that point, I was so glad I had one of the socks in my bag.

I guess part of my problem on the lace was I was trying to work from memory on the pattern and at that early hour I was completely second guessing myself. I had the sock pattern with me so there was forward progress.

Funny Story, I had two men comment on the fact I had sharp, pointy needles on the plane. They both said, "I can't believe they let you on here with those." Then the first guy told me how they'd made him throw away a 99% used tube of toothpaste because it was a full size tube. There were not more than 3oz of toothpaste in the tube, but it didn't matter. It was the size of the package. Who can explain the logic?

I'm formulating a plan for dealing with the shortage of yarn on Baby Girl's stocking. I thought I was only three rows short, but there is also the heel flap. I think I'm striping. There are other patterns in the book that do it and I think it will look good.

I'll be taking pictures this weekend to document all the progress.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Stop Playing on Ravelry

and go knit.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Lovin' The Lace

I finally broke down and cast on some lace. Heaven. It was a little tricky at first, but now I've settled into the groove and memorized the pattern. I cast on 71 stitches for 7 repeats of the 9 + 4 stitch pattern + 4 more stitches for the border.

On my plane trip last week I was able to catch up the second sock and actually start the next repeat so now the second sock is ahead of the first. Notice the difference in the color of the yarn from the inside of the ball versus the outside. I don't remember which is which, but one sock is defintely darker than the other. If it really bothered me I would figure out how to knit a few rows from each ball on each sock, but ooh that sounds painful. So I'm not going to worry about.

Monday, October 01, 2007

I Have Decided...

There are not enough hours in the day to knit on something you don't love. I've been working on the Red Scarf Project scarf a little bit everyday. Even though I'm enjoying the pattern, I'm not a fan of knitting scarves. Knit, knit, turn, knit, knit, turn. The Corrugarter pattern keeps it interesting, but they don't need my scarf. They have plenty per the blog entry linked below so I'm going to hibernate the scarf and free up the needles.
Please remember that the OFA received far more scarves than they needed last year

I started my Christmas socks - no pictures yet - and they are going pretty well. I'm flying tomorrow and again on Wednesday so I plan to get through the toe on the second sock and to get it caught up with the first one which is through the first repeat of the pattern. I'm flying 4 more time over the next two weeks so the socks will make great progress.

As I mentioned back in August I've been itching to do lace and I have quite a bit in the que. And since that time, I've added one more thing the vine lace stole. I bought some Acero yarn from Brooks Farm. And I really cannot wait to get started. It's a simple pattern and I've about decided not to add beads, so it can be a traveling project. With the RSP scarf hibernating, the much needed needles are free.

I'm taking time to revisit, yet again, my knitting goals. Relishing the completed projects, dumping the oppresive ones and moving on to the fun and exciting ones.

Summer Goals:
Finish Mad Weave Socks - DONE :-)
Finish three more hats - oppressive - I don't want to knit hats.
Finish three Greensburg squares - DONE - Yea!
Finish - golf club covers for Jeff - DONE - Yea!
Knit Marshall's clogs - DONE - and felted
Cast on (at least) socks using Loden CTH - I have several leaf motif patterns to choose from. - hmmm, guess the Christmas socks moved ahead of these, but queued just the same.

Rest of the year goals:
Cinder's Fairy Godmother beaded scarf - queued
Cast on and enjoy knitting linen beaded shaw - queued
Knit a few more hats - oppressive
Knit the loksins sock pattern probably with co-op sock yarn - queued.
Knit at least 15 minutes a day, not because there is pressure to knit, but because I'm worth it. Actually I think I'm doing this pretty well.
Spend less time on the computer talking about knitting and more time knitting. - Going well.
Really, stop buying yarn. I don't need another thing. - oppressive

I have nothing against hats and scarves, but I was going to knit them just to use up stash. Give. it. away. Give it someone who enjoys knitting hats. Better yet, wait for the stash to tell you what it wants to be. See also Megan Mary Janes.

In the meantime, I'm building up my stash. I'm trying not to feel sufficated by it.