Thursday, June 04, 2009

Baby Bonnet

I tend to think of myself as a monogamous knitter, but I do like the benefit of having a couple of projects going at one time - one benefit is finishing two projects in a weekend. I finished the blue baby hat early on Sunday and then Sunday evening or maybe it was Monday evening, I picked up the pink bonnet and put the finishing touches on it. I'm pleased with how it turned out. It's probably too big for a newborn.Here's a picture of the back of the bonnet. I really wanted to see what it looked like before I knit it and I couldn't find a picture anywhere.

I knit this in a fingering weight bamboo yarn from Fiber Lady on size 3 needles. It took about 80 yds. To block it, I wet it and then hung it with cloth pins from the back so that it stretched forward. I didn't stretch it lengthwise at all, but it's still long. I'm curious to see how that going to look on the baby.

I like the pattern. I would knit it again although I might choose a different lace pattern for variety. Wonder what would happen if I knit a bonnet in lace yarn?

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Aisling said...

This is gorgeous, I love it.