Sunday, March 22, 2009

Camping at Joe Pool Lake

DH and I camped at Joe Pool Lake this weekend. Even though we didn't go until Saturday morning, the 30 or so hours we were there were fantastic. DH fished, I knit and the dogs played.
DH fished at other places around the lake most of the day, but after dinner he fished at sunset by the camper. We had a great camping spot very close to the lake. When camp settled down we could hear the waves. It was almost like being at the ocean.

This bluebonnet was on the dry lake bed. I thought it was really pretty in the sunset.
If you're in Texas, you take pictures of your kids in the Bluebonnets, since these dogs are my kids, they got their picture taken in the bluebonnets. We snapped these on one of our walks. We took several walks throughout our stay.
The dogs were a handful at first, but they soon settled in and by Saturday night, they were exhausted. When we went to bed, they were horizontal and snoring before I could even lay my head down. They were so good.

On another note, these pictures were taken with my camera phone. I emailed them home because I have little to no memory. I thought the little camera did pretty good. I wished I'd had my regular camera, but this worked in a pinch.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

I keep adding stash to my stash. I don't mean to, it just happens. I got yarn for my birthday. I don't think that really counts as stash. I picked up a couple of skeins through Ravelry. Guess I better get knitting.
This my sister's birthday present to me. I'm so excited. These socks blanks are the perfect way for me to dye yarn on demand. I don't have to worry about skeining off the amount I need. Or dyeing an entire skein one color. I can just figure how many yards I need, measure the blank and dye only what I want. It's so easy. I can get a couple of projects out of each blank. Can't wait to get started.These skeins of Sundara and Koigu are my Ravelry finds. I got such a deal I couldn't pass it up even if I did have to pay shipping from the UK.

The top pic is Brushstroke Cotton. It's a bulky weight and will make great market bags. But I also think I have enough to make a tank top which I think might be fun. We'll see.Not sure what I'll do with the orange. Something will come up I'm sure.