Saturday, July 23, 2011

Shabby Sheep Retreat

I love to make a list. I like making the list almost as much, maybe more, as checking items off the list. I have a friend and she hates making lists. All the time she's talking about how she has so much to do and she doesn't know how to get it done. It's so overwhelming. I say make a list and one, it may not be as much as you think once you get it on paper. And, two, you get a feeling of satisfaction checking things off the list. Not so overwhelming any more. But she says no to list making. Some day I will convert her.

The Shabby Sheep Knitting retreat is coming up in August. Two whole days of knitting. No cooking or cleaning. Just relaxing fun with friends. I need a list of the projects I want to work. What am I going to pack? What yarn do I want to take?

First my list of themes or titles for the weekend:
Remnant Reduction Retreat - not just stash reduction, but reduction of the little leftover pieces. Lots of hats or scrappy scarves. Too fun.
Cute Christmas Cap Retreat - work on hats for Christmas Gifts.
Free the Needles Retreat - not quite the same ring as Free the Needles February, but the gist is the same, finish some already started projects. Perhaps a catcher title is Work in Progress Wrap Up.
Cast On Crazy - I could take patterns and a bunch of yarn and start a bunch of projects. I've learned to embrace having several projects on the needles. When you finish one, if you are in a hurry to catch a plane, you don't have to scramble to start a new project. It stinks when you grab yarn, a pattern and needles and head for the plane and they don't work well together.