Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Greensburg Blocks on the Way

Finally, finally I sent off the blocks for Greensburg, KS. The packaging had a bit of a TX theme. We are a proud lot. I wasn't born here...

The SOWs put together a dozen blocks. Here they are one more time.

I found this picture when I was cleaning out photos from my cell phone camera.
The story goes, I was working on Josh's clogs, it was February, I was in Minneapolis for a presscheck and it was -7 degrees outside. I signed off on the last component and made a mad dash for the airport during rush hour traffic. I soon realized I wasn't going to make my flight and it was the last one out on Friday night. I was stuck. But I had knitting. It was the weekend, the evening was mine even if I was in MN. So I knit. I reached a point where I was ready to do a three needle bind-off, but I didn't have a third needle. The "needle" you see in the front is actually one of the hotel pens. In a pinch, it worked.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Blogger Is Feeling Like Home

I'm already liking the new blog. I have lists down the side. What's on the needles, Finished Objects with links to pictures, blogs of friends...that's all stuff I could never figure out on Xanga.

I did like how you added pictures on Xanga. But I'm sure I'll adapt.

Getting everything moved over may be a pain. But I think it will be worth it. Especially since blogger lists the titles right down the side of you blog. Very easy reference.

Knitting today I worked on the golf club cover and the Mad Weave sock. Got a little done on both. Frankly I got bored with the 2x2 rib of the golf club covers. Sometimes, though, that's what I need. So it's good to have two things going.

Can't believe I just said that.

Friday, July 27, 2007

I Guess It's Time To Move

I've been on Xanga for a long time, but they don't let my friends comment without signing up. And there are other things I can't do that I like over here. So I think it's official, I'm moving on over. Now let's see if I can figure this out.

Here are the 12 blocks the SOWs did for Greenburg, KS. I have to get them sent off no later than Monday. Have too, have too.

I have plans for this stash. I'm going to knit Baby Girl a Christmas stocking. I did have to order some red and green WotA from Knitpicks. I ordered a skein of each when I ordered my sister's birthday yarn.

I don't have a picture yet, but I finally cast on one of the golf club covers. It's turning out better than the proto type. The ribbing is working well and the color is good. I'm about a 1/3 of the way through the ribbing on the first one. I officially started Tuesday, July 21, 2007.

I'm itching to start Marshall's clogs.

Here's the yarn. I would have put black in somewhere, but he wanted blue and green. For contrast, I ordered 2 different blues and 2 different greens. I thought it might add interest.We'll see. I want to make a little more progress on the golf club cover before I cast this on. Anyway, the clogs take a little concentrating. The ribbing is a no-brainer.
I've got ravelry going and I'm uploading all my pictures to flickr. I was hoping to tie that together here, but haven't figured it out yet.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

I finished four more blocks for the Rebuilding Greensburg Block by Block project! Great news for the project awesome news for me as I destashed more yarn. The pink varigated got over-dyed with blue and created the center section for the square next to it. Doesn't even look like the same stuff. I dyed cream colored yarn to make the blue and green varigated. There are four colors of Kool-aid in the color way. I used the brown to separate the two "dyelots". In person, if you look to close, you can tell they were not dyed the same. The block in the upper left hand corner reminds me of valentine chocolates. The kind with the strawberry filling.

Mad Weave update. I turned the heels. Had to do some pattern whispering, but got it figured out. I picked up the stitches of one gusset and was really working to get everything on track when...my Knitpick needle and cable...disconnected. I was not, am not, a happy girl. I got holes, dropped stitches and I have to knit on 8" long double points. And now the cable won't go all the way back in. And even if it does, do I trust it to do the job going forward? I was giving it a pretty good tug to get the stitches moved around, but I sure wasn't thinking I was pulling hard enough to make it come apart.

I love magic loop, but I guess there might be times when double points are better. I'm also starting the think the short row heel is a winner. There are no gusset stitches to pick up with the short row heel. And fortunately for me they fit just fine.

I guess that's all I've got for now. Time to go face the heel gusset and see how different things look in the light of day. Also probably need to send an email to KP and figure out how to handle the disconnected needle.

Monday, July 02, 2007

A Little Vacation Dyeing and Knitting

I'm on vacation for a couple of days and trying to get caught up on my rest. So I've actually gotten some knitting done and will have pics of finished objects soon. I stash busted my pink kool-aid dyed yarn by making a block for Greensburg. Picture of the finished object coming soon.

A little tired of the salmon pink, I decided that while I was dyeing the 30 grams of cream, I would over dye the pink with blue to make purple.

Here's a before and after picture. This picture is not the best. I was expecting a purple skein, what I got was a blue skein with some purple. I didn't realize how much of the pink skein was actually more undyed then dyed. I'm really pleased with the color though.

It coordinates pretty well with the yarn I have on hand to make a block another block for Greensburb.

As I mentioned I started out to dye some cream remnants since I'm down to my neutral stash. This is a colorway I'd played with before. The colors came out much brighter this time, but that's ok. The skeins will add zip to the blocks.

I considered overdyeing the tan, but the tests just didn't work so it will stay it's current color.

My knitting 15 minutes a day goal is really paying off. I have two more blocks finished for Greensburg. That's 4 total and the yarn pictured above is enough for two more blocks. My goal was 3 more blocks and I think I will get four.

I finished the heel flap on the Mad Weave socks. I'll be turning the heels the next time I sit down with the time to think about it. Probably tomorrow, but maybe tonight. I'm really making progress.

Once the blocks are done my 15-minutes-a-day knitting time will focus on hats. Or maybe golf club covers. Something I can pick up and put down easily.

Found out I'm not going to MN the week of July 9. Sorry to miss out on the knitting time, but happy not to have to be away from home.

It's raining and I feel a nap coming on. You gotta love a vacation day.